Musical Intervention Through Downtown Open Mics

Musical Intervention is an inclusion program offering individuals and groups of special needs to take part in the transformational power of creating original songs. We, provide the outlet and assistance to help individuals transcend themselves though creating and developing expressive songwriting and music videos. Individuals are exposed to the technological and educational uses of music and audio-visual recording to help inspire positive coping skills.

We have established Open Mics (more like community open jams) at 82 Crown Street in downtown New Haven, and we want them to continue over the summer. A range of instruments is set up on a professional-quality stage, and performances include vocal and instrumental blends as well as spoken word and a capella songs, mostly original. The landlord has indicated that a contribution towards the utilities is required, and right now the group itself has no such resources. If this series is allowed to lapse we will lose ground gathering the racially and economically mixed crowd that represent a uniquely supportive audience for musicians spanning three generations. Going on hiatus during the City's most traditionally dangerous and violent months would be harmful to the already-challenged people who have come to count on singing, performing and enjoying fellowship with one another weekly. Moreover, "taking a break" as suggested presents us with the problem of a steep, uphill battle to cultivate renewed awareness and attendance, if a weekly slot even still remains available down the road.

Financiado pelo capítulo Connecticut (June 2015)