Step-by-step guide - start a business in Sweden

After Work Academy provide free evening classes to immigrants (or anyone who can speak English) and cover the practical steps new entrepreneurs need to take to start a company in Sweden.

Here are some of the reviews participants have left so far:

"I attended my first course at After Work Academy last friday and it was such a great experience. The course "how to start a business in Sweden" was really interesting and useful. I'd never imagined that it could be like this. The concepts were perfectly explained and the method during the lesson couldn't be better. I'd recommend this course and the school without doubts" Aranxta from Spain

"The course was very informative, the lecturer in style was definitely to my liking. A very relaxed and welcoming environment and I got to meet some of the most interesting individuals there. I will definitely be going to a few more extra courses in order to improve my skills and I would highly recommend them. Exactly what I was looking for.." Denny from South Africa

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