Art of the Hill

After traveling across the world doing murals, I have decided to settle down in Boulder. There is hardly no public art in Boulder, and I would like to create as many free murals throughout the small city of Boulder. I have discussed with about twenty businesses and home owners, and almost all are on board with having a mural. I believe that I can paint about 10-15 murals throughout the city with the money all going towards paint supplies. Each mural would only be about 10 ft by 10 ft but to have a good deal of these around the town would make a big difference to inspire people, Murals and public art can have a huge impact on life in a city, and people can become more energized to get out there. I will also dedicate at least 2 murals done for homeless shelters, and a community non profit.

The series would be about the animals that are native to boulder, and paint murals of nature in the city, and I would work with the communities of the city to bring out ideas and concepts that will have lasting impacts at each location.

Financiado pelo capítulo Boulder, CO (February 2015)