The angry bird house

It’s something that we never would have thought of creating ourselves. You can call it an art project describing today's society or simply a wacky invention. We just call it awesome!

Here’s how January’s winners describe their project The Angry Bird House:

We all get frustrated from time to time. Frozen car doors, slow computers, football teams losing. The world is full of things that annoy us to the degree that we just want to scream out loud. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do without appearing silly and/or scary to the people around us.

We believe we have a solution to this problem. We call it the angry bird house.

With the help of this machine you can send out a personalised manic scream far away from you own location. Just send an SMS to the angry bird house with your personally composed scream. The angry bird house contains a small computer, loaded with a sound bank and connected to a mobile phone and a loud speaker. Each sound is linked to a letter, so if you send an SMS with the message ”Aaai%&!okyyy”, the computer will play the sounds connected to these letters in the order you have chosen. So for the price of an SMS you can sound just as angry as you like, without running the risk of making innocent people nervous.

Financiado pelo capítulo Stockholm (January 2015)