Diode Gallery for Electric Art - TUIO Jam

The Diode Gallery for Electric Art is Portland's first and only art gallery devoted entirely to digital & electric artwork. We showcase artworks that are typically relegated to computer screens and twitter feeds in a gallery context. This is a non-profit effort pursued out of personal passion and interest in digital art.

In addition to creating the gallery I am growing a community of digital artists who work together to produce group shows at the gallery and offer educational events to the community. The first such event is the TUIO Jam which this grant would be supporting.

The idea behind the TUIO Jam is to work as a group to create and showcase a set of original interactive artworks that are all driven by a single touch screen display. These pieces will each stand on their own as unique artworks while also blending together to transform the entire gallery into one big interactive piece of art. Imagine walking up to a window display and touching it to discover that countless art pieces behind the window all react to your touch.

The show will be open to the public during weekends in August with the window installation open 24 hours a day.

The Diode Gallery and the TUIO Jam are experiments. We plan to offer many more events like them in the future however the economics are challenging. Electric art has struggled to find footing in the more traditional art world. This is very similar to the struggle Photography went through last century. We want to help move the medium forward. Electric art is not something most people are willing to pay for yet which is why we are dependent on grants and sponsors for growth.

For the longest time Portland was host to the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. This iconic electric art installation was a fixture in Old Town until it was closed last year. We want to bring back the quirky excitement that the Church of Elvis did in a sustainable way that allows for interactive art from many local artists to be shared with the public.

Financiado pelo capítulo Portland, OR (August 2014)