Wooden it be nice.

I am undertaking a project to build a yurt by hand in order to sell or rent out. This will be the start of a long term project which will eventually lead to me buying land out in nature to set up a yurt community. The plan is that people will live and work together growing food and helping each other create a sustainable life for themselves, without some of the unnecessary stresses of modern day life.

I am currently in the process of building the first yurt, which has a solid oak frame consisting of trellis framework walls and a "wheel" as the crown with "spokes" for roof poles. The outside will be a waterproof canvas stitched together with a door, window and chimney. The reason for using solid oak rather than a cheaper and lighter alternative is that the oak frame will last a lifetime and will never need to be replaced and would only need to be repaired if accidentally damaged.

I have already had interest from buyers looking to both buy or rent the yurt, with demand for more. However at the moment I do not have the money or the tools to be able to produce yurts quickly enough.

The plan for the money from the yurt sales is not for personal profit. It is to go back into the company in order to be able to make more yurts, buy and look after land and teach people (through workshops) how to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life.

Financiado pelo capítulo Liverpool (July 2014)