Sing-Song, String-Along

12.8% of Orange County students are enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten programs. (source: These years have a measurable and lasting impact on the developing child, with a direct influence on future performance in higher education or a career environment. An increasing number of researchers and child psychologists suggest that instilling strong cultural values at these early ages can vastly improve the quality of life later on, by forming interpersonal skills and cultivating talent. Music education programs are specifically indicated to provide one of the strongest influences in student development.

To answer these challenges, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra (FSYO) created “Sing-Song, String-Along” (SSSA) a program, which is an immersive music education program specifically intended for students of pre-school and kindergarten age, along with their families. This innovative program brings the parent into the student’s music study to ensure that learning is achieved. Using a proven “Whole-Child” approach, students learn to be well-rounded in every aspect of their lives. Each class proceeds for an hour on Sunday afternoons, but the lessons learned through this method will endure. Each lesson combines music engagement with literacy development. Children learn musical skills in an encouraging environment, while parents actively participate, to continue empowering their little learners at home. Several essential features of the SSSA program work together to ensure that all children can develop musical ability, just as all children learn their native language.

FSYO’s commitment aligns to or exceeds tenets of creative innovation, character development, and human compassion. SSSA exposes preschoolers to hands-on experience and musical training with real musical instruments.

Financiado pelo capítulo Orlando, FL (May 2014)