Universal Diagnostic Platform

- Each medical test only gives you just one piece of information... and you are charged for each test
- Millions go undiagnosed from treatable diseases
- Tests take years and million of $ to develop
- Millions throughout the world lack means of assessing water or soil quality, infections in live stock or contaminants in food

Develop an easy to use diagnostic platform able to simultaneously analyze any sample quickly and at a low cost. One platform for all applications.

How do I test samples?
Apply sample (e.g. water, blood, urine, saliva, etc.) onto a capture device called NUTeC (nanoscale unbiased texture capture). This device has a series of molecular binding pockets that bind to small molecules, proteins and cells found in the sample and creates a unique signature that's specific to a given condition. For example, the signature for breast cancer looks different than the signature for a STD or celiac disease. You then take a picture of the NUTeC device using your smart phone, Google Glass device or you can use an office scanner. This picture is then uploaded to our cloud-based analysis portal that uses machine learning techniques and our innovative algorithm to provide you with the results along with a confidence indicator. One can simultaneously screen for various conditions using this approach.

How do I make my own test?
Simple, you only need samples that you know are positive and negative for whatever you want to test (e.g. contaminated vs clean water). These samples "teach" the cloud-based system what's positive and negative in your test.

Interesting... but does it really work?
YES! Prototypes are able to correctly detect various samples and even diagnose bladder cancer in 30 min and breast cancer in 1 hr.

Are there applications outside healthcare?
Yes, MANY, the exact process can be used for any application throughout the world. Our open platform allows users the freedom to develop tests as needed.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (February 2014)