Wildhood Free Play Club

Wildhood is dedicated to revolutionizing how children engage with the outdoors and their community through safe, stimulating environments for unstructured play. Our inaugural initiative, the Wildhood Play Club, aims to provide children with the opportunity to explore and connect with nature while fostering their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

The Play Club will operate monthly in Newburgh, NY, a community rich in cultural diversity but facing significant socio-economic challenges. By utilizing local parks and green spaces, we will create a safe, inclusive environment where children can engage in unstructured play. Our activities are designed to be child-led, allowing participants to use their imagination and creativity freely while developing important life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and resilience.

How Play Club Works:
The Wildhood Play Club is a free, monthly event that invites children aged 5-12 to participate in a variety of outdoor activities. Each session lasts for approximately three hours and includes a mix of guided and free play elements. Our staff and volunteers set up different play stations that might include:

Nature Exploration Zones: Areas where children can interact with natural elements like rocks, plants, and water, fostering a connection with the environment.
Creative Arts Corners: Spaces equipped with natural materials for arts and crafts, encouraging creativity and artistic expression.
Physical Activity Stations: Simple equipment like balls, ropes, and hoops to promote physical exercise and teamwork through games and challenges.
Quiet Zones: Designated areas for reading, storytelling, or quiet reflection, allowing children to relax and unwind.
Our trained facilitators provide supervision and ensure safety while encouraging children to take the lead in their play activities. We emphasize respect for nature and each other, teaching children about environmental stewardship through hands-on activities and g

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