The Woman With Threee Eyes

This venture is a poetry book that is crafted with the truth telling stories of the shared human experiences, amplifying our connection to the earth and to each other. This is a project which prioritizes the concepts of co-creation, community, to curate a space to see each other and to honour the interconnection of all things. As someone who has studied community development, I understand that change cannot occur, sustainable change specifically cannot occur without a transformative and reflective mindset. This space, within the pages, is a space guided by 3 young women to spark reflection, to trigger an intention in the way we show up for ourselves and for each other, as fuel to feed the creatives in the community. How can we expect to treat each others, and this earth with love, gratitude and honour if we cannot see our own selves with that same lens?
This book changes our consumption speed, forces us to slow down with intention and consciousness, to move with honour and reflection- which are all teachings that guide a sustainably equitable community. This collaborative poetry book is a project with 2 brilliant BIPOC women working along my side, a project which holds such sacred potential to enter community spaces and collaborate with other artists, this project steers the mind to learn and feeds the soul to heal. Have you ever read a poetry book, by 3 women? No ownership of the words, just shared ideas, to create a space of shared experiences, questions and guidance. This project curated by women, sparks curiosity, creativity, concioussness, and connection- the pillars of a community develoment agenda.

Financiado pelo capítulo Kingston (May 2024)