POP Radio Hub Core Promo Table

Hub Core is not your average community project—it's a groundbreaking grassroots endeavor crafted to swiftly ignite job opportunities for local performing artists and residents alike. Led by the visionary minds of Planet of People (POP) Radio and Kollabo Kingdom, Hub Core is making waves with its
Soft Launch this Spring.

Hub Core’s mission is to transform Main Street and other key spots in Poughkeepsie into vibrant hubs for performance and promotion, one block at a time. We believe in fostering community synergy through dynamic spaces that empower individuals and spark creativity.

Why only one block & one table?
Starting small isn't just a strategy—it's our secret sauce. By kicking off with a modest scope, we can meticulously research, refine, and optimize our process. This approach enables us to stretch every sponsorship dollar and grant fund to its fullest potential, ensuring transparency and maximum impact.

Who’s POP Radio & Kollabo Kingdom?
Planet of People Radio, founded by the spirited Su the Producer, draws inspiration from Su's own experiences with Radio Rootz at WBAI & Democracy Now. Our roving radio station isn't just a platform—it's a community-driven resonating voice, nurturing future journalists, editors, and executives
along the way.

Kollabo Kingdom, a coalition of community leaders and specialists, emerged from the challenges of the pandemic with a singular purpose: to uplift historically disadvantaged communities. Their collaboration with POP Radio has birthed a revolutionary blueprint for grassroots revenue generation.

Financiado pelo capítulo Poughkeepsie, NY (April 2024)