Muscle Brunch: ART/PE

Muscle Brunch is a gym community that provides inclusive and safe fitness experiences in Rhode Island.

Boutique gyms are often inaccessible to women and queer people, who are generally compensated less than cisgender men by employers. Muscle Brunch wants to address this by building a new fitness culture rooted in accessibility and care, one that supports physical and mental health by cultivating a place of belonging for individuals currently marginalized in gym environments. Longer-term, they hope to establish the first fitness facility centering women and queer individuals in Providence.

Their current traveling program brings educational workshops directly to artist studios; workshops are guided by certified RI-based fitness instructors. The Awesome Foundation Rhode Island grant will assist Muscle Brunch in test marketing their offerings and understanding the community's fitness needs.

Financiado pelo capítulo Rhode Island (April 2024)