A Face Mask For Girls Playing Field Hockey.

Almost all girls playing field hockey play without the benefit of a face mask and as a result some are injured by an accidental stick or ball strike to the face. Concussions and stitches sometimes result. I have designed a simple, full face clear, plastic mask with two disposable foam inserts that attach to the inside of the mask at the forehead and chin. My design provides full face protection, total unobscured vision and has slots to enable easy breathing without condensation. Field hockey traditions do not encourage the use of a mask except when a girl plays certain defensive positions. All other players on the field are unprotected. Considering that the balls and bats are rigid and hard and that serious injuries do occur, it would seem that a simple and functional mask could encourage girls to wear them and they would then benefit from safer play. Traditions are difficult to break but it is time to upgrade this sport and keep girls from injury by design.

Financiado pelo capítulo Ann Arbor, MI (November 2013)