Community Canvas Collaborative

The Community Canvas Collaborative in Ipswich is a unique open-air art project designed to foster community engagement and celebrate the town's range of beautiful places. The process involves placing blank canvases at various locations and inviting residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to contribute by painting what they see. The goal is to create original artwork capturing the town's essence and special places.

The initiative emphasizes inclusivity, encouraging everyone to participate in the collaborative painting process rather than relying on professional artists. The culminating event is a multi-day art show showcasing the diverse creations and celebrating Ipswich's unique character. The art created during the project will be displayed, celebrated, and auctioned off, with the revenue generated used to fund future town-wide projects.

The Ipswich Community Canvas Collaborative invites active participation from the community, encouraging suggestions for canvas locations, volunteer hosts for paint days, donations of art supplies, support for promotions, venue offerings for the art show, and contributions to the opening event. The project's mission is to unite the community through art, fostering a sense of belonging, showcasing local talent, and making Ipswich even more awesome through creative expression. The initiative ensures accessibility by making paintings and attending the show free of cost.

The Process
Select Locations, Dates, and Hosts
Set up the canvas, paint, and brushes
Allow people of all ages to make their mark
Display, celebrate, and sell the art

Financiado pelo capítulo Ipswich, MA (February 2024)