Deb's Pouring and Craft Sanctuary

I live in a vulnerable community in Social and Affordable Housing in Mt Druitt and have reached out to the community to start an art and craft class, where I bring together men and women of all ethnic and financial backgrounds to learn different art techniques.

Many of the men and women who participate in this group experience mental ill health, isolation and loneliness and this workshop gives them a safe place to meet people, to find friends and to build life skills. This art class has created a lot of purpose for this community, and has helped people to make social connections and feel safe and welcome to come out of their units to interact.

So far, I have been self-funding this project. I, myself, am financially burdened by this class but cannot stop it as it helps so many people. It also helps me, as I experience mental ill health, and running this class helps me to come out of my self-isolation once a fortnight and connect with some wonderful people, who are eager to learn.

In this class, I have taught the community how to dirty pour, how to decoupage and have many plans for other techniques that I am skilled in, and that people have been requesting to learn. Most recently, we have moved into holiday enthusiasm and are currently working on and brainstorming ideas for Christmas art and craft for gifts and decorations.

A huge part of my project is bringing together people who would normally isolate themselves and become disconnected from the community. This project brings together people from all backgrounds to work and learn and laugh together to create unique artworks. It will make Sydney (Western Sydney) a more #awesome place as it brings positivity, community and connection to its residents.

Financiado pelo capítulo Sydney (November 2023)