We Live:Soflo Jook Documentary

Nostalgia about the golden days is something all individuals experience at least once. Just a movement, sound, or phrase can remind you of a specific period of your life, and can invoke a multitude of feelings. That is the goal for our documentary film We Live: Soflo Jook. The goal of this poetic-styled cultural documentary is to educate and influence today’s world about the dance and music culture that was homegrown in both Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. This documentary will include interviews from notable artists such as grindmode, Piccolo, NMB STUNNAZ and even notable dancers, dj's and community residents. It will serve as a way to relive these special core memories, be the start of many others, and create a harmonious remembrance of the period we know as jookin’ and stickin’.

The artistic approach for this film will move between raw, authentic cinematic footage and old archival footage. Along with interviews, this film will use captured footage, photos, archival footage and music to help narrate the story. We are striving for a very nostalgic approach that will showcase what this style of music and dance means to people and the impact it has on the culture today. By using wide angle shots, close-ups and moving camera perspective, we envision this film project to be very vibrant and highly engaging.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (November 2023)