SW (Bellevue) Halloween Haunted House

I would like to use the funding to bring back our community's Halloween Haunted House this year and ensure we can continue this event annually. The Haunted House will consist of 5-7 Halloween themed rooms to include the Field of Screams, Creepy Clown Carnival, the Zombie Asylum, the Butcher Shop, Ghost Resurrection, and the Purge. Kids ages 12 and under will be guided in groups through a tour of the Haunted House as they try to "survive" from our scare actors inside. The tour last 10-12mins. After the tour, each child will receive a candy bag. This event will be FREE for all of the children in our community. Once Halloween is over, all of the decor, props, machines and masks will be stored properly for use again.

Financiado pelo capítulo Washington, DC (September 2023)