Coding Class for High School Students

No Fear Cafe is located right in the heart of Detroit. Our summer and after school youth programs focus on promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, while fostering a positive and safe environment where students build strong relationships with peers and adult staff. Our programming is accessible and based on the underlying philosophy that learning and development occur through play, imagination, and critical thinking. No Fear Cafe is committed to creating fun and engaging programming that uses creative methods to connect to students with different learning styles. My Awesome Project is CODING FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS - I want to host several FREE coding classes for kids who attend Detroit Public Schools. As a teacher, I have met students who use their cell phone for homework assignments and have never used an ipad before. I want to purchase ipads for high school students to learn coding at our center. Students can actually earn a certificate in coding and learn a valuable skill that could lead to a lucrative STEM career! I would love to open this door for students. There is very little programming in Detroit for high school students that can help to set them apart in a job search or a college application. This money would actually help me to host a year of free coding classes for a cohort of 20 students.

Financiado pelo capítulo Ann Arbor, MI (October 2023)