Norland Middle School Business Center

Norland Middle, located in Miami, is a Magnet Arts and Drama school that serves 680 students of which approximately 80% of the students receive free and reduced lunch. My personal desire is to volunteer after school and teach at least 20-30 Honor Roll students each quarter how to craft, and use the Cricut machines to make T-shirts for our different Clubs and student of the month while learning a skill to be self-sufficient and become future entrepreneurs if given a grant to purchase these tools. With the skill, the students will learn how to assist in the enhancement of simple drama and dance costumes, t-shirts, or personalized items in-house. They will learn how to design props and build stages and backdrops for all school productions that have been outsourced for years. Receiving the financial support to purchase the tools to launch this program, students will eventually learn a skill that they can use to start their own small business from designing a website for placing orders, to sewing, photography, videography, and much more. They will learn how to manage a business by learning about financial management, credit management, investing, and savings as part of the curriculum. Allowing our students to participate in these programs and activities will create a sense of school pride. It will give them a chance to apply the knowledge they attain in the classroom through real-world projects or even by starting their own small business.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (September 2023)