Maintenance of Wangi Athletics Oval

Westlakes Athletics Club is a local volunteer-run non-profit organisation that has a strong tradition of providing athletics training and competition for local families in the Westlakes region and surrounds. We strive to keep our registration fees as low as possible to enable greater participation amongst local families, however this means that the majority of our facilities tend to be either donations from local entities and residents, or scraped together with the limited resources that we have.

We use Wangi Athletics Oval for our competition nights and annual Gala day, and conduct the majority of the upkeep and maintenance of the oval ourselves, despite it being a Council facility and used by the local community. Outside of our athletics events, members of the local community regularly use the facilities 7 days a week, for athletics training, general fitness, and play. It is also used by the Wangi Warriors Rugby League Club.

This maintenance incurs a cost that we struggle to cover with our limited funds. We are seeking assistance with some of the basic maintenance so that not only can we can continue to offer our services to our local families for the upcoming athletics season (starting 1st September), but so that the local community members who use these facilities during the week can continue to safely do so.

We would be delighted to acknowledge Awesome Lake Mac's support with social media and website recognition and have the ability to place branding at our events if requested.

Financiado pelo capítulo Lake Mac (September 2023)