Community Connection-Growing the Fleurieu Forest

Following on from a successful theme from the Fleurieu Future Leaders Program, of the importance of "growing your forest" (building community connection being the key to resilience), I'm proposing a project to deliver a podcast series (10x episodes) of conversations with Fleurieu leaders.
The podcast would consist of me having heart-led conversations with Fleurieu icons, in relation to mental health, personal reflections, experiencing of supporting others, building healthy culture within their organisations and wider community.
The intention is to gain insight, advice, stories and support strategies for the wider community, as we continue to navigate increased challenges in life. The podcast will aim to build a greater sense of community and highlight the importance of "growing your forest" in order to be resilient in the face of adversity.
As a registered counsellor, mental health advocate and educator, the conversations will be strengths focussed and trauma informed.
The intention would be to ensure listeners are inspired to lean into the challenges of life, knowing they have the collective support of their community.
I anticipate leveraging existing relationships within the Fleurieu community to support and promote the series.

Financiado pelo capítulo Fleurieu (September 2023)