Lift The Young Ones Up

Every day dozens of young expectant mothers do not have the resources and support needed during their pregnancy and oftentimes are in an unsafe environment or become homeless. These young girls not only must confront the medical concerns associated with bringing a new life into the world, but they also must find shelter, food and overall care. The options are limited where the Home of Serenity is located. We are located in Detroit Michigan where there is a very large population of unserved and underserved homeless and at-risk youth. The Home of Serenity can be the solution.

Our residential program welcomes homeless pregnant and parenting mothers ages 15 - 21 who have been abandoned or escaped unstable home environments. Many girls have lost their self-esteem when they seek out the Home of Serenity. They are frightened and emotional. Some arrive with just the clothes on their backs. They don’t know how they’re going to finish school, find a job and provide for their babies.

We provide these young mothers with housing, several options to complete their education, life skill classes, parenting courses, day care, counseling, food, clothing, job/career training. financial literacy, and much more. The girls are mentored to become productive and independent members of society. Most leave our 24-month program and move into their own homes or enroll in college. The length of stay greatly depends on the age the mother arrives and starts the program. We give them guidance and supervision. We give them help and hope for the future.

The Home of Serenity demonstrates the care and concern these young mothers and their babies truly need and deserve. When they feel that things are hopeless and there’s nowhere to turn, they need to know how much they are loved and that they are not alone. It doesn’t matter what type of situation they find themselves in, they all deserve another chance to get on the right path in life.

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