Green Box Toolkits

The Green Box is more than just a name – it’s a concept that embodies safety, preparation, and peace of mind.

Founded by Erin Welborn, Green Box was inspired by her mother who kept all of her important documents in the house in the “Green Box”. If anything ever happened to her mother, she would always say “Everything you need is in the green box.”

The Green Box is about preparation and making aging easier for everyone. It's about knowing that you'll have everything you need in one place, should you encounter a problem or an unexpected situation. And that passion for preparation, understanding, and peace of mind is what has driven our startup since its inception.

The mission of Green Box Solution is to provide both the elderly and their caretake with all of the education, preparation, and resources that they will need, to ensure a smooth transition to this next natural stage of life. Our vision is to be your all-in-one community resource for all of your needs and you and your loved ones go through this stage of life.

Our goals this year are to:

  1. focus on providing education and resources to current caregivers and those who are about to enter into eldercare for a parent or loved one through a series of workshops; and
  2. provide a "green box" to help organize the most important information - such as legal documents, financial documents, and healthcare information - keeping all of your important personal information in one place to help you and your family stay organized.

Green Box Solutions provides a valuable community resource. No matter the phase of life you’re in, Green Box Solutions can provide you with the education and resources about aging that you’ll need to take care of yourself or take care of your loved ones. By doing so, we can increase the standard of living of the valued seniors in our community, and help younger caretakers understand the changing needs of their loved ones.

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