BuskerFest! is to be a special night of music, food and discovery in downtown Miami. From 5 - 11pm on a future Friday evening, local bands from all over South Florida will be performing sets at each of the eight downtown Metromover stations. Attendees will hop from station to station and revel in the diversity of both the local music scene and historic downtown Miami! To help navigate the various music and food offerings at each location we will supply a mobile app, as well as a physical passport for those without smartphones. The mobile app and passport will contain detailed map information and also allow for checking-in (or stamps for the passport). At the end of the night, attendees with the most check-ins will be entered into a drawing for prizes offered from local restaurants and businesses - further encouraging locals to return and enjoy the downtown area.

To source musicians for the project we plan on working with local music outreach programs such as Guitars Over Guns, the Overtown Music Project and the University of Miami. We have also begun discussions with the MPA and DDA to garner support and define logistics for making it happen. BuskerFest! will be a true collaboration between the city, the government and the people who live and work here!

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (July 2013)