Papakolea Mural Project

Our awesome project starts off with two art workshops that we hope will bring the community of Papakolea together. The first workshop will be painting recycled cans, and the other workshop will be painting hats. The workshops will help us fundraise for a mural we want to paint at their community center. The children of the community can bring out their artistic side for a day and it only cost $3-5. Our main audience goal is children/teens because they currently do not have an artistic outlet that they can utilize.
The mural we are planning to paint will bring light to the community and let the kids in the neighborhood have an outlet for art and an oasis for the communities rich history. With every mural we paint we want to display a story, and for the Papakolea Mural we met with community leaders, and Kapuna’s to learn stories and the history of there home. One main thing that we are going to display in the mural is the power and love for the Women of Papakolea, because that is something that is very strong and prevalent in there history and current day.

In the ancient Hawaiian days Papakolea was something called a City of refuge, where if you committed a serious crime such as murder and ran from the authorities or Ali’i and you made it to Papakolea you would be ridded of your crime. The community leaders of current day Papakolea still believe in Papakolea being a safe place for there community, a place of love and aloha. And we also want to display that message through our art. When meeting with the Papakolea Community members we learned that the younger generations of Papakolea are increasingly loosing touch with the history of there neighborhood and we want the mural to be a daily reminder of there roots and there history. Also by doing this wall we are not only giving the youth a creative outlet but it can show the community that street art is another medium and not vandalism. We want to inspire the kids and grown ups of Papakolea with our project.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oahu, HI (August 2013)