Hope Career Development Center Vocational Skills

Hope Career Development Center (HCDC) is a non-profit organization incorporated as a 501(c)3 in the state of Georgia, USA, and as an LTD/GTE in Nigeria for training centers. HCDC is located in Awe Town, Oyo State, Nigeria, and established as a Free Skills Empowerment Center. HCDC trains and support the underprivileged and vulnerable young adults within (18-25 years of age) and high school students (11- 17 years of age) via free skill acquisition and after school programs, with a goal to gain employment and business opportunities. The training ranges from 6 months to two years.

Hope Career Development Center’s (HCDC) mission is to liberate young people from unemployment by providing them with vocational skills that will earn them a livelihood and contribute to the overall development of their community. Our vision is to be the driving force that uplifts youth out of poverty by providing them with vocational skills. HCDC aims to produce skilled artisans who can offer services such as fashion design, barbing, floor tiling, hairdressing, carpentry, bricklaying, catering, and electrical work.

HCDC's qualitative targets are jobless young adults in our communities, both male and female, who roam the streets, commit crimes, and engage in undesirable activities. HCDC has partnered with AFIJIO Local Government to use its building, which consists of four classrooms for fashion design, hairdressing, catering, and electrical, tiling, carpentry, and bricklaying, respectively.

Christina Adeshakin, a retiree from the USA is primarily responsible for the establishment of Hope Career Development Center. On February 28, 2022 her dream became a reality with the emergence of HCDC, it had over 175 trainees, 14 staff members, and over 600 applicants on its waiting list. In 2022, HCDC graduated 99 trainees, and by the end of this year, 90 more trainees should be in line for graduation. The organization needs funding to continue its operation.

Financiado pelo capítulo Awesome Without Borders (November 2023)