Sleep for Moms

Sleep for moms is a social art practice project that provides an invaluable resource to local mothers - an opportunity to sleep while receiving free childcare. Lack of sleep is a serious issue among parents, particularly mothers, affecting their psychological well being and often leading to depression. This project is meant to call attention to the issue and the need for greater networks of support for mothers and parents in general.

Throughout August, Interface Gallery will be transformed into a sleeping clinic with a bed, privacy curtain, soothing art, and white noise. Mothers, who sign up for "daily sleeping slots" will be left alone in the gallery to rest while a childcare provider takes her child or children on a walk to a nearby park.*

Participating mothers will be interviewed about their sleeping habits, their feelings about sleep and their physical and mental state in general. At times when the gallery is not being used for scheduled naps, it will be open to viewers as an installation, with data collected from interviews on display. Visitors will also be invited to add their experiences to the collected information.

*Licensed childcare is being arranged through a local family resource center, Bananas.

Financiado pelo capítulo San Francisco, CA (July 2013)