Ordinary Days Thesis Project

Ordinary Days is a 4-person musical being self-directed by myself and fellow graduate student Rebecca Mahar at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa as part of our acting thesis presentation. It will be performed April 28-30, 2023. With this project we will illuminate the struggle of interpersonal relationships within our generation. We will look at the intricacies and challenges of relationships affected by trauma. We hope to provoke thought, give joy, provide comfort, and bring female empowerment to our audiences. This project offers two substantial “strong” female roles that fall outside both traditional love interests and traditional action heroes which are the most common “strong” female role types., but as real people with real lives and feelings. Within the musical, interpersonal, platonic, and romantic relationships are explored through trauma, reconciliation, and building friendships with those who are different from us. This show, while remaining upbeat and fun, can teach the audience how different traumas and the pressure we put on ourselves affects our relationships. We also aim to give hope to our audiences by showing them they are not alone in their search for friendship and meaning in their lives. Post-Covid this is a struggle many adults, young adults, youth - everyone - are facing now as we continue to emerge from quarantine. In addition, UHM offers almost no musicals so we are excited to bring one to the space. This is a rare opportunity to give students a chance to perform in and enjoy a musical in their program of study.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oahu, HI (February 2023)