The U.S. has more than 200 animation studios, even with that large number, the percentage of female animators in 2022 is 28% in the United States. So how about the percentage of female animators in my small country Lebanon which has no animation film studios? Well, I'm that percentage! I'm one of the small possibilities for my county to have a future in the animation industry. My Project is a short animated film called "Touched". The project will be animated by me, who's considered less than a minority in the field of animation, not just because of my gender, but because of my origins, my religion, and my country's misfortunes. I'm just a small girl, doing what she loves, trying her best to thrive in a habitat that has barely any light! Hence you can say that my project is a small stepping stone for a brighter future for animation in Lebanon.
The short film is called "Touched", a 2D animation project of 6 minutes. The film lead is a girl in her twenties named Bee who lives in a big city. One day, Bee comes across a situation bigger than her understanding. She then feels powerless. The film ends with us seeing how Bee deals with her overwhelming situation. Through Bee's story, I intend to discuss a social topic: duties and rights in the modern world. The girl’s story will make us debate and ask questions such as: Is it all right to be dismissive of the things happening around us fully knowing that they are happening? Is our right as humans to live in peace more important that our duties as citizens? The film’s purpose is to evoke discussion and introduce a new viewpoint on a social topic. It is also intended to run, be accepted, and hopefully win in festivals.
When completed the film will be submitted to festivals, and will be used as an example to get funds for my first full-length animated film, to then lead the road for opening an animation studio in Lebanon. This film will be the Launch of my career, and hopefully many female Lebanese animators after me!

Financiado pelo capítulo Awesome Without Borders (March 2023)