Kindness Kiosk

Kindness Kiosk is a community activation project that is part of an ongoing series of work which centers around community-building programs that bring people together, foster connection, and inspire goodwill.

The Kindness Kiosk can be easily assembled anywhere —allowing it to pop up wherever more kindness is needed. During our pilot program at the Lincoln Square Farmers Market, we delighted and surprised a diverse group of community members over the course of two Fall afternoons and welcomed close to 200 kiosk visitors.

We spread kindness with every spin of the Kindness Wheel, where participants spun for a chance to receive a kindness token, a handmade gift, a sweet treat, or other kind acts. We inspired kindness with the Random Acts of Kindness Grab Bag, where visitors picked their own act of kindness to perform within their community —continuing the kindness cycle. And, we received thoughtful responses to our Kindness Prompts and engaged in organic conversations revolving around the need and desire for more kindness in our world. Finally, to complete the cycle, we encouraged participants to grow the kindness community online in order to make sure that all communities —whether virtual or physical— are full of kindness.

After piloting Kindness Kiosk in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, Common Place Projects plans to continue its kindness campaign by developing further iterations of the project —whether that be by popping up in different settings, such as schools, parks, street corners, and more or by implementing larger, coordinated, city-wide programs.

Financiado pelo capítulo Chicago, IL (December 2022)