Compostable Pots

Our team, The “Cardboard Shreddaz” from Nānākuli High has a viable prototype for community-level, organics recycling through the use of compost. It supports community economic development, lowering our carbon footprint and improves food systems.
The prototype is a mobile cardboard shredding machine which takes cardboard or paper and processes it into mulching materials, a compost ingredient, packaging material for trade businesses as well as compostable pots.
As part of our mission to reduce greenhouse gasses and divert cardboard waste from entering landfills, students organize community cardboard shred days which are called Sustainable Saturdays.
Community members drop off cardboard and students shred it creating mulch and pots for local farmers. Local farmers exchange fresh produce with us for the mulch/pots and the produce is then given away to community members who drop off cardboard. Itʻs a WIN-WIN for everyone while closing the loop and turning rubbish into a resource. Students earn community service hours while feeling good about what they are doing for climate change, the farmers and their community. As we learn more on the negative effects of plastic, it is our goal to reduce plastic waste. Nurseries are able to grow their plants then transfer the plant to a compostable pot before selling to customers.
We diverted 1464 pounds of cardboard from the landfill last school year and weʻre hoping to double it this school semester. Weʻre hoping to turn our pot project into a business as we already have an interested buyer.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oahu, HI (November 2022)