Move She Does

Move She Does is a global storytelling project about pioneering women and girls blazing trails with their vehicles.

Women face obstacles moving in public spaces, be it prejudices, traditions, prohibitive laws, violence. All over the world courageous, creative women have found ways to overcome these obstacles. Using specific means of transportation, they challenge gender stereotypes, gain independence, self-confidence, and strength. Each one of them changes her society from within, and becomes a role model inspiring others to follow suit.

In the West, the pioneering work is often —yet not always!— done in the past. Women truckers no longer raise eyebrows, nor do woman motorbikers and pilots. Many of the pioneers (still alive) are born in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Dispatch riders of WWII for instance. Outside of the West, it is often happening now: Iranian truck drivers, skateboarding girls in Cambodia, a pilot in Pakistan, 4×4-riding bedouins in Oman, cycling girls in rural India, drivers in Saudi Arabia, taxi scooter riders in Bangladesh and Tanzania.

The project consists of portraits, interviews, context, audio recordings and short videos of these trailblazers, and will take several years to develop to its full range and potential.
The stories will be spread through articles in magazines; talks in schools; a dedicated website; and in 4-5 years, this will become a book.
Another roll out of this project at any given time, is the distribution of the Move she does-stories in the countries where I find them: in local media, in schools, in villages, together with and by local women.

Financiado pelo capítulo Awesome Without Borders (December 2022)