Ride the Jack Rabbit and Other Dispatches

Hello, my name is Aaron Helman. I'm a proud lifelong South Bender, a history fanatic, and the author of the book AN INCOMPLETE HISTORY OF ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, INDIANA. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $5,000 to publish the first book and more than 500 sales, I'm looking for new ways to bring South Bend's fascinating local history to everyone in Michiana.

My newest book is called RIDE THE JACK RABBIT AND OTHER DISPATCHES FROM MICHIANA AND BEYOND and will explore more of the stories that make South Bend such an interesting and fascinating place to live. I'll be telling stories about visits from legends like Babe Ruth, Ronald Reagan, and Duke Ellington; but also encouraging people to share their own family histories.

As part of this project, I'm also creating several walking tours that will guide people through the places where amazing things happened a hundred years ago, and in some cases, are still happening today.

As a lifelong creative professional and writer, I'm passionate about telling stories that people want to hear. A friend once told me that the problem with most history books is that they're written by historians. That's why a lot of people think history is boring.

I don't think South Bend's history is boring. In fact, I'm ready to bring it back to life.

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