Kailua Intermediate School Band Aloha Concert 2013

KIS provides the use of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments at no charge to students who are taught care and daily maintenance procedures. Band class meets four times per week and all students are required to practice outside of class each day. In addition, band rehearsals are scheduled twice a week, before or after school. Band students know they need to make a significant commitment of their time to learn to read music and reach their playing goals.

The KIS Band emphasizes development of life skills that help young men and women become good student-citizens:
• personal responsibility
• persistence
• compassion
• self-discipline
• teamwork
• respect

Our Band members come together as one 'ohana and support each other. They learn that each individual contributes to the whole group, and the group only succeeds through each individual contribution. This interdependence prepares them for many situations they will face later in life that call for humility and placing others before self.

But unbelievably, the school DOES NOT provide ANY funds for performances in the community. If the band wants to play outside the confines of our Band Room or the acoustically-challenged school cafeteria, we need to find our own funding. Parents are stretched thin and we are seeking community help.

Our annual FREE Aloha Concert at the Ronald E. Bright Theatre at Castle High School is planned for Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 6:00pm. This venue will provide the kids a real auditorium, optimized for the enjoyment of music, and enough seating for family, friends and the community to listen to the most incredible student band that you've never heard of.

But we need your help – school buses to move the kids, a truck rental for band instruments and payments for the auditorium fees.

We want the windward community to see what is going on in their own backyard and recognize that kids from public schools can reach awesome heights when given the opportunity and resources. Mahalo!

Financiado pelo capítulo Oahu, HI (May 2013)