It's a Whatup Doe Life! Theater Production

Que Blackout delivers free and accessible creative youth development programming. Que Blackout makes live theater accessible and exciting by involving our youth and audience in on the fun. With a target population of youth from traditionally underserved demographic groups and neighborhoods, Que Blackout's project is an essential educational and career-preparation supplement that builds academic, creative, and workforce-readiness skills.

Que Blackout aims to bridge Detroit's digital and creative divide and perpetuated inequities. Projects that promote creative expression and exploration, encourage community involvement, and provide safe spaces where the target population can engage in these activities will reduce the number of at-risk youth and increase the preparedness of Detroit's youth for adulthood.

Each Saturday in the months of May-Nov, Tech Young Designers attend classes and learn video editing, music understanding production, lighting, and audio board operation to tech the theatrical production. Young Performers work simultaneously, performing scenes, monologues, songs, and even choreographed dances The final group, our content creation Young Designers, focuses on promoting the production and focuses on advertising, marketing, technical communications, publishing, and web design for the project. It's a Whatup Doe Life is an original piece; it's an adaptation of the classic It's a Wonderful Life.

Allowing the teens to express themselves and find love for a city that needs its residents to care is a two-fold win. This production showcases Detroit's value and what the future holds when our youth get to be out front. This project is Young Leader driven. Each phase is led by or operated by youths. Que Blackout's team likes to say the adults are only there if the building catches fire.
Youth Leaders from each discipline work to enhance the performance and make this project uniquely their own.

Financiado pelo capítulo Ann Arbor, MI (June 2022)