FargoMoorhead Rocks

FargoMoorhead Rocks is a group painting and hiding rocks in parks and other social spaces to bring smiles to the faces of strangers in our community. Our free activity at public events each hosts between 150 and 250 artists of all ages, and the goal for this year is nine events, around 1,800 artists total. Young and old alike thrive with the low-pressure medium of rock painting and often find they want to continue the activity at home. Our growing Facebook group of over 1,700 sends rocks traveling around the FM area, around the country, and beyond.

At the first public event I ever did, a young boy came up to me almost crying and trembled, “I got paint on my hands!” as if he thought he’d be in trouble. I showed him my own paint-covered hands and reassured, “ALL good artists get paint on their hands!” His eyes widened as he exclaimed, “I’m an artist!” Since seeing the power of that word, I have encouraged everyone who paints at our events to call themselves artists. FargoMoorhead Rocks allows people to see themselves as artists in their own right.

FargoMoorhead Rocks events are inherently inclusive and uplifting for all. They are filled with the sounds of artists “oohing” and “aahing” at each other’s creations, instinctively encouraging one another. These ripples continue outward as painters are encouraged to hide their rocks for strangers to find, spreading joy and art exponentially from each event.

Some rocks get kept or presented as gifts, long-lasting, meaningful art that becomes part of people’s homes and offices. Other rocks make multiple reappearances on our Facebook page as they are re-hidden, even in faraway locations. There are also posts from people who see rocks but leave them for others to find, people who passed by but whose days were brightened nonetheless.

The simplicity of the project makes it easily fundable and executed. FargoMoorhead Rocks empowers people in their creative expression and brings pure joy to thousands each year.

Financiado pelo capítulo Cass Clay (June 2022)