The Creped Crusade

What's changed in a year?

Since we last spoke I've bided my time, folding thin pancakes in the shadows, and but like the fillings of a savory cheddar cheddar cheese, egg and ham crepe (or sweet "Parisian"crepe bursting with peanut butter and nutella), I'm pouring out at the seams, ready to begin this Creped Crusade. If there ever was, there is no longer any shred of doubt - whether you crepe at noon, or crepe at night, any crepe is indeed a great crepe when you crepe with Mike.

I've formed a partnership with Espresso a Mano's Matt Gebis - the owner of a local coffee shop on Butler Street. Matt has agreed to pilot the project. This will enable the crepe stand to meet Health Department legal requirements as The Creped Crusade will functionally operate on Espresso a Mano's permit, laying foundation for reproduceable growth as the Crusade expands to other businesses and neighborhoods.

In addition to standard crepes, I've also come to appreciate a more meatless style of living in my personal life and have incorporated a vegan crepe shell into the repetoire of crepe, also knowing that few neighborhoods have affordable options for a healthy vegan friendly lunch.

What's the same?

There is still a void of crepes in the Golden Triangle. Not in Lawrenceville, not in Downtown nor in Uptown, not in the Strip District, not in Shadyside, and not in Homewood. Though Pittsburgh's street food culture remains undeveloped, momentum has grown. That's where we capitalize. I believe a live-able city is a crepe-able city and these crepe-less streetscapes are unsustainable. We ostensibly live in a world of crepe desert when we deserve to live in a world of crepe dessert.

The simple and affordable menu will feature a $3 shell and charge per added filling. All aspects of "to-go" materials will be compostable, unbleached, and/or recyclable. Won't you me join this Creped Crusade?- food in Pittsburgh that would make a Parisian jealous.

Financiado pelo capítulo Pittsburgh, PA (March 2013)