Teen activities

For the last 20 years, Rick Gardella has run teen activities for the Park and Recreation. He is not given any money from the town and is soley supporeted by teh money he raises. Over the last 20 years he has raised money from teh School dances he organizes. However, due to COVID. he has not been able to run dances and his fund in under $1000. He needs over $3000 in his fund to rund the activities that he runs each year. Every year, he get teens out of Georgetown for bowling, skating, Red Sox games, Canobie lake park, ect. Because he is not a "approved" town emplyee, the Park and Rec cannot give him any money towards his salary. His salery runs 3,000 - 4000 per year, For the last 20 years, his salery have been covered by dances.

Financiado pelo capítulo Georgetown, MA (May 2022)