Growing Native Project

The Rockport Library Garden(RLG) is designed and maintained by a dozen volunteer members of the Rockport Garden Club(RGC).As the world addresses the monumental challenges of climate change, the Rockport Library Garden/Growing Native Task Force (GNTF) seeks to create ecologically viable gardens at the Rockport Public Library.To achieve this goal we will introduce native plantings to attract local bird and pollinator populations.
Our goal is to reconstruct the garden beds with native plantings around the School/Broadway sides of the library. According to Yes magazine, the impact of nonnative to native plants is the reduction by 96% of caterpillar biomass. If you are a bird, trying to rear your young, you have just lost 96% of your food source.

Our motivation is to increase the available food sources for the birds and other wildlife by creating three pollinator gardens designed and planted by the volunteers.
This initiative will target the planting of native species to address our changing climate locally. This project will demonstrate Rockport’s commitment to enhancing its resilience and scenic beauty by creating a dramatic and ecologically sound garden space that can be enjoyed by all.
In partnership with the Rockport Public Library we will provide a companion pamphlet with plant information for the public so people can see that it is possible for any of us to transform our outdoor space into a location where all pollinators can thrive.
The high visibility and accessibility of the library gardens make this a prime location where the GNTF can showcase ecologically viable, native plantings visitors and residents can enjoy and envision in their own gardens.Rockport Library Garden volunteers have often chatted with visitors to Rockport who are drawn to this site as a photo op to document their visit to Rockport.
This project will prove what a truly awesome place Rockport is to visit, live and work.

Financiado pelo capítulo Rockport, MA (June 2022)