Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh

The Youth Shakespeare Society of Pittsburgh (YSSP) was founded in 2019 by high school students with the express purpose of making engagement with Shakespeare’s history and works more accessible to youth throughout the Pittsburgh area. We aim to sponsor at least one youth directed, designed, and performed production a year, and provide hands-on learning experiences for anyone interested.

Today, we span between the ages of middle school and college undergrad, with older students acting in mentorship positions. We are determined to build a legacy that will continue with each new generation of actors. Shakespeare is versatile, physical, and restorative – and from his text and the magic of theater, we build community and connection. Through our work, YSSP hopes to bring Shakespeare in exciting and fresh ways to youth who otherwise may not have the opportunity, and create a collaborative, student-driven environment where everyone is an integral part of the creation process.

A main priority of ours going forward with YSSP is fostering technical and design talent among young Pittsburgh theater makers in addition to performance.

Financiado pelo capítulo Pittsburgh, PA (May 2022)