Encampment Garden

In a vacant lot at Weber St and Victoria Street there is an encampment currently hosting about 20 residents. The residents of this camp are hoping to continue to beautify the lot, become more self-sufficient, gain day to day purpose and support the environment through growing a vegetable garden and planting flowers.

This program will have significant physical and mental health benefits. Access to healthy fresh food Is an import part of self maintenance through the challenges associated with homelessness and drug use. Many residence have expressed frustration about the lack of access to fresh, healthy food. They have also expressed the want for purpose and control of their own lives. Many folks have lacked the access to land to grow food due to their lack of housing. They have recounted stories of growing up gardening with friends and relatives and have expressed the positive mental health impacts getting to reconnect in this way would bring.

Supporting this project will be supporting the right to autonomy and control we should be allowed regardless of our mental health status, whether we use drugs and/or live outside,

Financiado pelo capítulo Kitchener-Waterloo (April 2022)