Thrift Off S.A.

We are so passionate about what fashion designers do for people. Fashion designers give people the ability to express outwardly the person they are in the inside. It is about more than clothes, it is about giving someone the ability to express their individuality and who they want to be. Thrift Off San Antonio is an annual event, which will spotlight the talented fashion design community of our city. Our mission is to encourage those interested in pursuing careers in fashion by giving them the opportunity to participate in a well-publicized competition meant to highlight the genius of San Antonio's creative community. How it works, in round 1 our designers had a max budget of $50 to spend at Goodwill for materials for two outfits. "Before" pictures were taken and after 2 weeks "after" pics must be submitted. All pics will be posted at the same time on our facebook page and the public will vote. Top 5 will be determined by number of likes after 1 week of voting. The top 5 will return to goodwill with a $75 budget for three additional outfits for the fashion show which will be held 3 weeks after they shop. We have 3 judges that will be determining our winner but a good time will be had by all! The three outfits that the top 5 constructed for the show will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the creation of the aforementioned non-profit SAve the Arts.

Financiado pelo capítulo San Antonio, TX (March 2013)