Concealed Narratives

Concealed Narratives is a local youth-led initiative raising awareness around gender-based violence #GBV, promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights #SRHR, empowering women and girls, and amplifying marginalized voices in Morocco. The project was born after winning the Global Feminist Pitch 2021 by Heinrich Böell Stiftung and receiving support and funding from the same foundation.

At Concealed Narratives, we implement action plans for the promotion of women and girls rights, like offering safe spaces for women and girls, distributing dignity kits to homeless women and those considered at risk, developing resources and toolkits, launching social media campaigns, sharing opportunities and survivor stories with the general public, and designing programs aimed at boys and men, to create positive learning environments in which they can change.

We previously received a grant from IYAFP to help us pay for and distribute dignity kits to homeless women in Casablanca, Morocco. That small initiative was a success, it positively impacted more than 200 women and girls and we learned a lot from it, it also made us realize how much those simple kits were needed, especially in these hard times.

This is why we are now looking for another source of funding to help us pay for and distribute a new batch of dignity kits, we hope that your chapter can help us by providing the valuable and necessary resources to continue carrying out this mission and reaching more homeless women and girls.

Financiado pelo capítulo Homelessness (February 2022)