Moorhead Digital Design Boot Camp

I plan on creating a Digital Design boot camp for kids in high school, so they can get an early and accelerated head start into STEM technology career opportunities, resume building, portfolio development and Digital (UX) design.
This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to teach at the MSUM college for kids program. I conducted my own course on App design for Ages 13-18 and introduced the children to UX Design, Web design, Programming, and many more cool tech avenues. I've had a blast teaching the youth and I found passion in the ability to influence with knowledge. Students in my programs walked away with strong portfolios and plenty of confidence going into STEM programs in high school and college. I want to conduct community oriented camps for more youth in the Fargo-Moorhead community to expand reach and create a STEM camp welcome for all groups of people! I believe this will help expand the Fargo-Moorhead STEM community and build connections and resources for the youth to help get their foot into life in the "Silicon Prairie".

Financiado pelo capítulo Cass Clay (December 2021)