Bus Stop in Lusagyugh

I live in a small Armenian village called Lusagyugh and use buses to go to university. Many people like me go to the bus stop of our town and use buses to commute daily. The problem is that these students and workers who need to go to Yerevan or any other destination do not have a proper place to stand while waiting for their buses. Even though many smart stops in this modern world provide waiters with whatever they might need, we don't even have a shelter to protect from rain or sun. However, not only are troubles caused by weather but there are also several other problems. The so-called "bus stop" is placed near the biggest market in our village. Consequently, many cars are parking there, as the bus stop is not distinguishing itself so that people understand and do not park there. Moreover, sometimes huge cars are parking there and blocking the whole area. Often, my village residents wait for hours because the buses don't stop there as they cannot see us.
With this project, we want to make two bus stops in Lusagyugh village, which will ease many people's lives.

Financiado pelo capítulo Yerevan (December 2021)