A STAGE for our performers

Our Prep-year 6 students need a STAGE so they can show off their talents.

We are currently completing landscaping works to improve what was a bit of a wasteland and a dust-bowl at our school. New roll out turf will be happening over the next month or two, along with a giant mosaic snakes and ladders board (which is currently taking up a good part of my lounge room and patio area) and a smattering of new native plants and mulch.

Anyway, this stage project is one I've seen and can picture in this space.
Picture this... we have a ginormous tree in our school grounds. It was there many years ago when I was a student at the school, and STILL, nothing grows underneath it.

Until now! Our students will grow in confidence as they use this stage to perform to their friends and classmates. I'm envisaging dancing, plays, music, singing, debating, concerts and just good old fun, playing on a stage.

We have big plans, but we need your help!

I have attached a few photos, including a photo of the area which is currently being redeveloped. The other pics are my inspo pics. I think a two level stage with a curve to it would be fab. That picture is in my head! I can't find anything like it online so go with me, here!

Financiado pelo capítulo Melbourne (November 2021)