I am running a sock drive to benefit the homeless that are served by the St. Joseph’s Social Service Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Socks are the most requested article of clothing by those who are homeless and shelters often do not have new pairs of socks to distribute. Fresh socks allow those in need to keep their feet warm, dry and cushioned. This helps them to avoid developing blisters, calluses, infection and overall discomfort in their feet.

This is my third year running this sock drive and I have collected approximately 2,000 pairs of socks in the first 2 years. This year my goal is to surpass that total. In order to reach that goal, I will need to broaden the scope of my outreach to include any and all possible donors. While some people take putting on a pair of socks for granted each day, there are too many who are not able to do so. My hope is that through this effort a few of those people will be able to enjoy the comforting feeling of putting on a new pair of socks!

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