My awesome project is a collaboration with a self organized collective of delivery workers, called El Diario de los Delivery Boys to produce a campaign to educate and raise awareness of the working conditions of Delivery Workers. El Diario de Los Delivery Boys (25k members) has created a community patrol at the entrance of Willis Avenue Bridge in Manhattan, a key route for many delivery workers, which has seen repeated assaults and robberies.

The New York City Food Delivery Movement invites the community to join us on October 8th from 5-8pm at 125th & 1st Avenue for a celebration of our City Hall bill accomplishments and a Critical mass for safer streets across the Willis Bridge.

During the evening workers will share testimonies of their experiences as a Delivery Worker. The Laundry Worker Center will assist with the application of the excluded worker fund. Helmets, tshirts and printed education material will be available for participants. We will go across the Willis bridge, in a Critical Mass demanding safer streets. Then we will enjoy a visual experience created by the workers in collaboration with Sol Aramendi and the Illuminator. Enjoy delicious tamales from Queens, Shucos from Guatemala, champurrado from the Bronx, banda music from Guerrero.

All activities are free and no membership is necessary. Support Delivery Workers contributing to their Mutual Aid Fund.

Timeline of events:
5:00 pm Laundry Worker Center will assist in the application of the excluded workers Fund. Pick up your helmet, stickers, Tshirt and educational info.
6:00 pm Workers Testimonies/allies - Food
7:00 pm Critical Mass across the Willis Bridge and back for safer streets
7:30 pm The Illuminator Video Projection on the Bridge & Banda Music

Financiado pelo capítulo New York City, NY (September 2021)