Portraits of Them

In August of 2019, my friend Ursy and I set out on a project to document their experience of taking testosterone. For a year, through the pandemic and other trials of 2020, we did monthly portrait sessions documenting their body and exploring their changing and developing gender.

This fall, we will be hosting a gallery exhibition showcasing this multimedia project including portrait photography, video art, audio installation, and sculptural elements. This project has been by necessity embodied, and we believe that the best way to share Ursy's journey is in a gallery setting that people can physically experience and exist within. The exhibition will be shown at Tips on Failing during September.

As a queer photographer and producer, I am working with local artists to put the pieces together for the show and the opening. This project will be printed by a local Filipino artist and the opening hosted by an awesome queer DJ. Ideally, we will employ and engage underrepresented people in this celebration of non-binary trans representation!

Financiado pelo capítulo Portland, OR (July 2021)