Housewarming Gifts for the Previously Homeless

We're so excited to be awarding our January grant to Bryce Yeazell, a 12-year old middle school student at Kealing Middle School in East Austin.

Bryce is working with ARCH, the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, to make housewarming baskets to give to formerly homeless adults transitioning into permanent housing.

Bryce began working with social worker, Jennifer Denton, after he visited ARCH over the summer. "After seeing how much they need I wanted to help out more," Bryce says. Denton told him that 17 people from ARCH move into new homes every month, and suggested helping homeless people when they get a chance to first move into a home. "I hope the welcome baskets will help them get a good start," Bryce says. "It’s hard when you have very little. There’s so much you need to make a home work."

Bryce says, "This project is important to me because when I worked at ARCH over the summer I thought, how it would feel if you had to sleep on the street every other night?"

Bryce has been collecting money from friends, his parents, his grandparents, and other family members. He's been using spreadsheets to record the amount of money he has, how much the projects will cost, and who gave him the money to make this project possible.

The money from the Awesome Foundation grant will be used for gift baskets to give to homeless adults who are moving into new homes. They'll include a little treat and a homemade card to make them feel good. The baskets will also include new and gently used books, a sponge, a few sets of silverware, a pot, a pan and a spatula, soap, some baked goods, blankets, shampoo, plates, and bowls. He plans on using grocery bags, laundry baskets and large plates for the basket.

"I think it’s awesome to help people make that first step from living on the streets. It’s fantastic to win, but a little scary. I never really expected to win! "

Financiado pelo capítulo Austin, TX (January 2013)